Happy Lucky Friday the 13th

My close friend considers Friday the 13th her lucky day because it was the day she was adopted. Today it is my lucky day too. After a week of waiting, and five excruciating minutes on hold this morning with the Derm’s office (long enough for my brain to conjure up all sorts of horrible scenarios), I got confirmation that the mole biopsy “was normal and no further treatment is necessary.” Could they not have called me sooner? I’m not a fan of the “no news is good news” philosophy. I need confirmation. I need a live person to tell me all is well. And it would be nice if they could tell me sooner than later. It would be nice if THEY would call ME. All that of wait and worry for nothing, but I AM grateful. And lucky. OK, I rambled a lot yesterday, so I’ll keep this post short.

Have a lucky Friday the 13th and always wear your sunscreen. 🙂

skin cancer awareness month  skin-infographic